Adobe Ink and Slide review

At the end of 2014, Adobe introduced its first ever digital device named as Adobe Ink and Slide. The hardware includes a Pen with an Ink and Slide. Its test run was done by the apple Insider. Abobe had previously made such image editing devices but the AdobeInk and Slide is unique in its own way. The product was manufactured with the collaboration of a designing firm, Ammunition.

Adobe Ink and Slide reviewThe Adobe Ink and Slide targets mainly the apple iPad users. Aluminum body, brushed with stylus technology is used to construct the incredible device. The device has soft curves and minimum human finger interfacing options. The body structure can be described as an elongated triangular prism. There is a clockwise twisted effect till the tip end of the pen. The grip is so elegant that you feel the peak of your conformability.

Even if you work for longer hours, you won’t be fatigued. One of the competitors of this device is the FifteyThree’s Pencil. But its tip wasn’t made up of smooth plastic as of the AdobeInk and Slide. That’s made it resist the screen while movement. There is only a single button on top of the Stylus Pen. Pressing it will open up a round menu. Using that menu the user can connect to Adobes various drawing apps.

Adobe Ink can be synchronized with the online account to use all cloud features. There are innumerable cloud-connected features available. You can also send your sketches online over that adobe cloud. Many potential customers would be curious to know, how to charge this stylus device. There is an LED indicator at the other end of the device, where the magnetic charger is installed.

It connects magnetically to the USB charger. While charging, the magnetic area lights up for notification. The ‘Slide’ is another part one of the whole adobe’s product. It is a rectangular shaped digital device made up of plastic from the top. Rest of the body is made of aluminum. The Slide device is embedded with 3 magnetic materials. Slide is use to access the adobe apps.

We can call it an interfacing tool between the Stylus and the Tablet. It is accurate and can traces straight lines and even other irregular shapes drawn by the user. Its accuracy is simply tremendous. Slide does not have a battery inside it. Both the Ink and Slide are scratch free devices. The body structure cannot be scratched through the possible rough usage.

The user may find a lagging issue in using the Ink. But this lagging can be compensated with an accurate precision. The lagging will also not be much noticed after the happiness of getting the amazing creative cloud feature. The drawing apps help us in getting into a higher zone of creativity.

It is $175 for both the Ink and Slide. The price is a little more when we do an affectivity analysis. Although the price is high, the quality of the Ink and Slide is worth it. Looking at the overall pros, the design, material, digital ruler concept and its connectivity top the chart. The cons are its high price and lagging.