Alienware 17

Alienware 17 laptop reviewsAlienware has been one of the leading names in laptops if you consider gaming to be your first priority. With the introduction of Alienware 17, the 2014 edition marks itself to stabilize its reputation. Although, the monstrous spec-ed laptop has the power that only a few others possess, its price seems to be top-notch as well. However, if it serves the purpose it’s meant to be, no other factor contributes to its kind.

The new Alienware 17 brags an Intel Quad Core processor which beholds the power and speed for its smooth yet fluid performance. Since the laptop is designed for the gaming oriented people, the graphic card used is Nvidia with the latest version. There are many other features packed that outstand average computing.

Alienware 17 has a distinctive design that attracts those who know what its worth. The display has stunning, vibrant color contrast and great viewing angles. Roll down below for some intriguing details. Starting off with the design, the Alienware 17 does not hesitate to outshine its premium potential. The body is has a design of semi-portable aspects which makes itself compromisingly portable yet powerful inside.

The dimensions recorded for the Alienware 17 are 1.9 x 16.3 x 11.7 inches and the weight measures up to 9.2 pounds for the laptop alone. The material used to cover the skeleton is the brushed aluminum lid and alloy-magnesium chassis. The strong metals used provide a solid design that can take a drop or two. There are lighted slits which alter according to the user’s mood. The touchpad also has the same characteristics with glowing lights. The display has an anti-glare coating to prevent unwanted reflections.

Other features of the Alienware 17 include a boat load of ports for easy assistance. The right side of the display includes an optical drive and a built in card reader. It is also bestowed with a Gigabit Ethernet port and two 3.0 USB ports. The left side also beholds two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and a mini display port. The Alienware 17 has all the features required to become the best laptop around. The technicalities involved to run this machine are a 256 SSD as the boot drive along with a 5400rpm 1TB hard drive for storage. The handling system to manage all tasks is the Windows 8.1 which proves to be quite fast. There are recovery and support software also provided by the Alienware command center.

The standard or base line model is equipped with a 2.9GHz CPU which is over clocked to 4.1. For intensive and hardcore gaming, this laptop features a 16GB RAM for all the hard work to put those graphics and performance into action. The benchmark score that Alienware 17 received were 5734 on PCMark7.

In the graphics department, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M portrays a midrange Gaming laptop, but proves out to show stellar performance. The frame rates in the graphics are heavily playable and demanding by many users out there. This is all for the Alienware 17 which might cost you some extra bucks but delivers a fluid yet beasty performance.