Alienware has arisen as a strong laptop brand recently. Alienware comes again with a supreme product. This time it is the AlienwareM17x. It comes up with mixed reviews. It is said that it has challenged the PC gaming arena in this version. The screen size is 17 inch and it is specially prepared for gaming purposes. Due to that purpose the special Ivy Bridge is installed.

AlienwareM17x laptop reviewThe Alienware M17x is not much different from its predecessor. The unique industrial design makes it look completely different from other laptops. The chassis is manufactured with a strong body. It’s a 3rd generation laptop, launched with a strong i7-3610QM processor. It’s a dynamic processor having 4 cores and works on the frequency of 2.3 GHz. When needed, at top speeds, this frequency can rise up to 3.3 GHz. Nvidia and AMD have supported the graphic portion for this model of Alienware.

These third party companies can contribute specs up to HD 120Hz 3D display. Since it’s an Alienware laptop, you have the option to customize your specifications according to your gaming desires. The price of this amazing machine starts from $1099 and reaches till $1274 with extra bounties and specifications. The best CPU to opt for is i7-3820QM. You can get extra RAM or even bigger hard disks but with a lot of load on your credit card. With the maximum rated hardware, your expenses can reach up to $3500.

Even though the Alienware M17x is a big machine, it won’t get exhausted so soon. The fan inside is equipped with good power. The heat sinkers also work efficiently. You can also find attractive colorful casings for this machine. The color options in this device are heart touching. The shiny glare and curves on top make it look simply out of this world. The screen resolution is perfect to support 512 trillion distinct colors. In terms of connectivity, you get all the tools to operate with.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 works pretty efficiently. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports, though which you can attach your peripherals with ease. A mini HDMI port is also available. The company assures for an improved battery timing this time around. The dimensions are 410 x 304 x 44.5mm, which are not tiny from any mean. Can you imagine that this heavy machine weights 4.4 Kg? It’s a big load in your arms when your travel with it. It may not be liked by light machine lovers.

The verdict is that with the better improved Ivy Bridge CPU, the whole system becomes more powerful. We can call it a future-proof laptop. It’s a remarkable device whose surround sound will take your breath away. The AlienwareM17x is best for playing games. One of the weak points for this version of AlienwareM17x is its high price. Its heavy and so it makes it non-portable. The bulky size is difficult to manage with people of minimal health. The poor battery life and garish appearance are few of the cons for AlienwareM17x.