Apple ipad mini 3

apple ipad mini 3 tablet reviewThe apple ipad mini 3 comes with the addition of a new hardware. This is the only new addition to the ipad mini 3. The touch ID sensor is actually the finger print scanner and it differentiates this device form its predecessor.

The design is almost of the same nature as the previous device, the ipad mini 2. When we put a deeper look into the size and weight of the mini 3, it is identical to the apple ipad mini 3 .

Even though it may seem a copy of the previous device, it is a premium tablet with a premium design. The construction is pretty solid. The material used is the uni-body aluminum. The home button change is the only discriminated aspect from the older version.

The finger print scanner also supports the apple pay feature, so it becomes an additive advantage. We also experience the same display characteristics as of mini 2. There is a 7.9 inch IPS display screen which seems pretty dramatic to watch as always. 2048*1536 pixel resolution makes it a sharp choice for tablet lovers.

The 324 ppi pixel density is enough to put the apple ipad mini 3  on a beautiful display scale for users. The display details are attractive and crisp, in short. The color temperature is of a better improved Kelvin range. With a little bit of saturation difference in colors the production quality is pretty much the same in both mini 2 and mini 3. The brightness output is amazing as well. You can shift on to different brightness modes in a blink of a second. In this version of the tablet you may find a glare in the sunlight.

When compared to the ipad Air 2, you would find this tablet a bit smaller. Some tasks such as typing on the QWERTY keypad may not be the ideal ones to perform on the mini 3. The apple ipad mini 3  is equipped with the iOS 8 platform. It allows the device to have a simplistic approach towards operations. The processor might not shock you with its speed but it is better than the lot though. The chipset installed inside this gadget is the Apple A7 SOC. It is further equipped with a 64 Bit dual core CPU, which makes the multitasking way easier than before.

The RAM inside this techno giant is a 1 GB. It might have been more but Apple was satisfied with 1 GB for now. It’s shocking to see that the technical specs are 100% same as that of the predecessor. But surprisingly you will find this new version more responsive and fast. The ipad mini 3 is a fantastic device for the multimedia consumption.

The amazingly rapid web browsing experience will make your internet life easier. The navigation controls are pretty smooth as well. Over all, the compact size of the device is good for watching videos. It’s not in the tiny range as well as the huge tablet range. You would definitely love holding the new ipad mini 3.