Apple iphone 5c

Apple iPhone 5C has really caught the attention of the viewers and iPhone users worldwide. This model is no less than any other Smartphone you can bring it up to. With its record breaking sales the iPhone 6 Plus tends to make a mark in the perfection of its class.

It is no doubt one of the best smart phones. In an immense race towards the future, apple has recently added two new smart phones to its iPhone series. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both launched on 9th September 2014 at a Cupertino event at WWDC.Apple iphone 5c smartphoneHowever, this review will specifically emphasize on the Apple iPhone 5C which was launched in 2013.

Apple has a history of producing state of the art products with no room for improvements and finishing. This is the reason apples products are high end and premium. You could get a 5C around $450-500 these days. It is a 16GB SIM free handset. The 5C’s available now do not offer 32GB memory.

The phone is a little expensive than the feature it offers. It comprises of a metal clad which is covered with polycarbonate. The looks haven’t attracted the masses and Apple for once has failed to achieve its revenue goals.

People say it is a childish phone. It does not possess a manly affect. Apart from the look misery it is a solid phone. It may look as a toy but its strength is according to Apple’s premium products. 5C will not break even if you mock it down twice. With dimensions of 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97mm the Apple iPhone 5C is a little bit chunky than its predecessor.

5C added weight to itself with a heavy powerful battery with is also of the same category as of 5S. Te screen size for apple used to be 3.5 previously, but for 5C is jumped to 4, which was a shocking addition to the Apple brand essence.

This makes the user stretch his/her fingers a little which was a good gesture. C has a mono speaker and acquires a centralized lightning port. The sound is so clear and sharp that it will blast your ears.

The screen size may be available in many other mobile phones, but the retina display feature in 5C will not be found in many. Yes, 5C has a 1136*640 retina display, which makes it bright and transparent to watch.

When comparing to 5S you will find some similarities as well. Both have the A6 processor embedded inside them, which provides a fast processing speed. Apple’s cameras are significant feature of the phone. The rear camera for 5C is 8 mega pixels and the front camera is 1.9 mega pixels.

In addition to these lovely pictures you have all the latest connectivity tools including the Bluetooth 4.0. 5C is a 4G enabled phone and competes the latest trendy Smartphone’s of this decade. It has come up which different variety of colors, which gives it a plastic toy look but at the same time attracts the youngsters.

Tutorial for apple iphone 5c can be seen here.