Apple MacBook Air (13 inch)

Apple MacBook Air  notebook reviewApple is the key player in governing the gadget and notebook market of our planet. It is one brand which does not compromise on quality. MacBook Air is one of Apples significant products, which became popular soon after its announcement. It is considered as one of the thinnest and light weighted laptops of all time. It has a screen of 13 inches and price starts from $1099. The famous  Apple Mac book Air was launched in 2014.

The chassis design of both the new and old MacBooks have been pretty much the same. The body is made up of aluminum and is very slim. The thickness is recorded to be 0.68 inches. In the thickness category some other brands also give competition to the MacBook. Asus and Samsung have recently come up with decided of 0.51 and 0.54 inches respectively. But we can say it’s not just about weight here. The Apple MacBook Air design is very portable. It weights merely 2.91 pounds. The sleek design, backed with a 13.3 inches backlit screen, seems brilliant. The screen resolution is 1440*900, which is not bad in any sense. The colors are sharp and give a firm impact. The quality of the screen is also similar to the predecessor.

The retina display from the Apple’s MacBook Pro is recalled when we see it inside the MacBook Air. One of the competitors of the screen quality of the MacBook Air is the Samsung Book 9 Plus. Its resolution is 3200*1800. MacBook Air is not one of the touch screen laptops. It does not have windows 8 platform, instead it has a Mac OS. Even though the MacBook Air does not have the touch screen, it can monitor the major touch features.

The track pad is so innovative and creative that it will help you tap and swipe everything you can dream of as a user. Apple devices are known for their keyboards. This one will glow in darkness. The critics have numbered this is the number one keyboard by far. The volume is swiftly adjustable with a supreme voice quality. A 3.0 USB port, headphone slot, SDXC card jack and a thunderbolt are fixed on the Macbook. The  Macbook Air is highly connectable using the 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Mac Book Air has a hard drive of 128 GB. The default RAM of 4GB cannot be upgraded. MacBook offers iLife, iWork, including the Mavericks OS X 10.9.2, which differentiates itself from other brands.

A warranty of 90 days is provided, which is a standard for Apple products. A dual core processor, precisely a 1.6 GHz Intel Core is installed inside the Apple MacBook Air. A high end graphic card, named 5000  Intel HD Graphics is also embedded to impress gamers and graphic lovers. As a conclusion, the updated Intel processor, increased portability, lighter weight has enhanced the MacBook popularity in general. It is one of the best choices to buy in the 13 inches. It might be a little bit expensive but really is worth it in the long run.