Asus EeeBook X205TA

Asus EeeBook X205TA notebook reviewUp till now we have seen Google’s chrome book, giving a considerable headache to other brands. It hasn’t let Microsoft take easy breaths in the recent years. The new Asus EeeBook X205TA has evolved as good competitor to the chrome book. It has challenged the light weight of the Chrome Book as well as the price. It comes with a cloud storage feature as well as the complete Microsoft Office suit.

The EeeBook has an 11.6 inch screen and is extremely light weighted. It’s less than 1 KG to be more precise. The body is made up of plastic. The plastic chassis makes it easy to handle and extremely portable. The edges are smooth and round, which increases the delicacy of the device. The body is designed in a way that it has two USB2 ports on the righter side. Sadly it does not have a USB3 port. The basic connectivity features such as the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available and all other wireless peripherals can be conveniently connected to it.

On the left hand side of the EeeBook, we get the Micro SD card slot and the HDMI port, through which you can access monitors with ease. The speakers are build-in inside the EeeBook. The user will be more than happy to watch videos and movies over it. Music lovers will also have a good time. The screen resolution is fairly good, 1,366×768 pixels. The bright images on this machine are better than all other cheap options available in the market. It is advised to use the hinges politely otherwise they might break.

One of the bad gestures of this ultra book is that its screen does not have a matt coating. For this reason it should not be viewed in the open sunlight. The keyboard responses are sharp and the pressing phenomenon is very soft. The small size of the EeeBook ensures high performance standards. The web browsing is done at a reasonably fast pace.

All heavy videos are handled smartly by the terrific processor embedded inside. 2 GB of Ram ensures all operations are processed with convenience. The quad-core, 1.33GHz Atom Z3735F processor developed by Intel, is an amazing addition to the Eeebook. The performance score has impressed the critics a great deal. Windows 8.1 works perfectly fine over it. There is no lagging feeling whatsoever.

On decent internet connections, the web pages are opened with ease without wasting much of your time. The hardware specialist also believes that the booting time has also been one of the strengths for this ultra book. A time span of merely 15 seconds is needed to cold boot into the windows 8. The battery timing is set by the company according to their benchmark standards. The EeeBook battery will last you 8 hours and 47 minutes easily in a single charge. This is enough time for any individual who has to work on a full day. As a conclusion, the Asus EeeBook X2205TA will be a smart, lightweight, low priced and portable addition to your ultra book family.