Asus Rog G751 laptop review

Asus Rog G751 laptop reviewToday we will be reviewing the ever latest Asus Rog G751 gaming laptop. It’s a huge laptop and has heavy structure in general. It won’t be wrong if we say it as super fat. It is almost 5.3 Kg and it is enormous.

The body is made up of Aluminum. The remarkable Asus logo on top of the laptop gives it a branded look. The look is serious and cool-like. It may look a bit chunky but the amazing specs balance it out.

The Asus Rog G751 is build like an absolute tank. When you open up the screen lid, you get caught with the dense keyboard buttons. The left side of the laptop is empty. The right side has a USB port, secure lick, Ethernet port, HDMI output and audio jacks. The memory goes till 32 GB DDR3. Networking wise, it is pretty cool. It has a nice Wi-Fi which works really fast for browsing purposes.

It boots up really fast as well. Now let’s talk about the first thing we are going to focus while opening the laptop, which is the screen. It is a 17.3 inches screen which is absolutely fantastic as per the opinion of the critics. The result is really clear and the colors are really sharp. The resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels. The IPS powered characteristic as really makes it watching worthwhile.

Movies and videos can be watched over it with great satisfaction. It will also be an amazing display for game lovers. You will give an A plus rating to the display, overall. The sound isn’t as good as its screen. It is decently loud and the speakers are located behind the screen. The speaker quality is just OK. It doesn’t have the base effect as desired by multimedia lovers. Another thing you will notice is the vibrating effect while heavy sound is played over it. For better sound quality it is advised to go for external speakers rather than expecting it from the Asus Rog G751.

The CPU installed is 3.1GHz Intel Core i7 4940MX which process your operations fairly quick. The keyboard and all the function keys will have a mixed opinion from the users. Some may like the arrangement but some may not. There are some dedicated keys which are useless. They take a lot of space and make the keypad congested. The touch pad is a fantastic feature of the laptop.

It is smooth and the clicks are easy to operate, so a well done for the touch pad. The performance factor of this laptop is very snappy and quick. It can be rated fantastic. The solid speed makes it a great choice. It can load heavy HD videos up to 32 fps. It will just flow with your games.

The CPU goes to maximum 59 degrees. So the heat control mechanism and cooling is really efficient as well. The fan is present to cool down the temperature inside. The average use of this laptop will give you 3 to 4 hours.

Gaming use will give you 2 hours which are not that impressive. As a conclusion, it is a mixture of good and bad but the pros do exceed the cons. The price of $2249 will surely make your money worth it.