ASUS Zen book UX31

asus zenbook ux31 reviewThe ASUS Zen Book UX31 is a terrific sleek UltraBook. It comes with a Windows 7 professional platform with a 64 bit edition. Although the windows 8.1 has currently been launched but this Zenbook works nicely with the Windows 7 edition. The windows 8 can be upgraded as per user desire any time in the future. The sleekness of the laptop can be judged well form it’s amazing 3 mm height from the front and only 9 mm at the rear area.

The body is made up of a lovely aluminum material which increases its overall beauty. The technical specs are breath taking as well. This time ASUS have embedded a Super Hybrid Engine II which will give you a merely 2 seconds resume time. The stand by time has increased 4 to 5 times more than the previous model. The user data can also be automatically recovered now using the auto data backup system introduced by ASUS. The battery is 25% stronger than the previous ASUS Ultra books.

The USB port is quicker too with the 3.0 version. This incredible version can transfer your data in seconds. The audio performance enhanced its standards after ASUS introduced the new sonic master technology in this machine. The latest fast Intel core processors really make a difference in these laptop machines. ASUS is also backed up by the smart Intel processors.

The Sand force-driven SSD and the core i7 support from Intel make it an efficient performer in all means. The aesthetic impact of the ASUS Zen book UX31 is simply amazing. The incredible beauty and curves makes it an immensely attractive option. The components are fitted so nicely that they seem part of the machine from every angle. The balance between beauty and strength is truly out of this world.

ASUS have achieved a remarkable position after the launch of this product. The responsiveness of the software has been a smart addition to the technical abilities of this Zen book. The enhanced security features in terms of data protection and recovery have increased demand for this UltraBook. You can customize your battery usability as well. The web browsing on this Zen book has been a shining attraction as well.

When comparing with the contemporary devices, this is a perfect combination of power, aesthetics and efficiency. This is also the first Ultra book on the planet to offer a SATA 6 GB solid state storage hard disk.

This enables the user to compute and manipulate data at a very rapid pace. Apart from these remarkable features you will be disappointed to use the touchpad. This is much unexpected in a remarkable UltraBook like this one but this is the bitter reality.

The terrible touch pad is awful to use in fact. As an overall conclusion we can say that UX21 is a star performer when it comes to aesthetical viewpoint and performance standards of work and usability. Besides the touch pad issue the whole machine is a winning product and will delight the users of all ages. A product which attracts the masses is surely a winning product.