Asus Zen Watch smartwatch review

Asus Zen Watch review Zen Watch is also named as the WI500Q. It’s the first smart watch launched by the Asus Company, competing other major smart watch brands. The Zen Watch was announced in the last quarter of 2014. The Asus Zen Watch have really impressed the critics with its unique quality. The body of the watch has been made of stainless steel. The body is curved in order to make it more wrist fit for the user. The fit is immensely comfortable as steel is molded beautifully along the wrists of the user. The perfect fit, with a beautiful design creates a classical impact in the arm. The whole watch is not made up of steel; in fact it has a strong leather strap attached to it.

This genuine leather strap is manufactured from Italy. The rumors of this great watch were roaming about for quite some time before its launch. As a much awaited watch it obtained great popularity. Asus  watch was available at Best Buy on 9th November 2014. The Zen Watch is powered by the Android platform. It also has roots to the Google play store. U The price of the   Zen Watch  by Asus starts from $200, no matter form where you buy it from. Cheap retailers like Amazon do not sell this watch. This is an expensive smart watch as compared to other android smart watches. Zen Watch hit the UK market on 23rd December the same year. The starting price in UK was $310, which is expensive then in US. All major street electronic retailers would have it available conveniently.

The smart looks of Zen Watch; with 2.5D curved glass makes it a classy choice. Its shape looks slightly oval but the edges are of a little round shape. The screen is 1.63 inches. It is covered with an AMOLED panel and has a splendid resolution of 320*320 pixels. Asus has given customizable options to the users this time, offering more than a 100 color combinations in terms of watch faces.

Talking about the technicalities of Zen Watch, it comes with a .2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor. The RAM specs are 512 MB. As a small wrist gadget, an internal storage of 4 GB seems immense. Most amazingly this smart watch is water proof. This lessons your worries regarding washing your hands or face, while putting it on. The Zen Watch also has Bluetooth option for data transfer purposes. The gadget helps you view smart notifications as well.

The battery embedded inside the Zen Watch is a 1.4 watt hour. This will give you a back up for a few days easily. Asus has given smart features such as the ‘Tap Tap’, which increases your usability convenience. ‘Tap Tap’ feature helps you find your phone, if it’s lost somewhere. This is cool for old people who have a bad memory. The face of the watch can also be covered. The phone calls can also be muted through the watch. The Zen Watch is perfect for monitoring health features such as the heart rate, steps and other fitness metrics. The little device can help you manage your presentations. Even your phone camera can be controlled through the Zen Watch.