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OnePlus One

Among all the other phones in the market OnePlus One has left everyone stunned. It is one of the most polarising phones

Samsung galaxy S4

Samsung galaxy S4 is a one year old mobile set. Samsung galaxy has already launched the next version of the series which is Galaxy

Samsung galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy note 4 is an innovative breakthrough in Samsung products for the year 2014. The set has a sleek design which

Motorola droid turbo

The best part about Motorola Droid turbo is its hands free voice controls. This gives the ease of changing volume from the

Apple IPhone 5S

Apple has always been coming up with supreme quality mobile sets in the last few years. IPhone 5S was the best in

HTC one M7

It’s been 18 months since HTC one was launched. The Smartphone world has changed also since then. Even though this set has