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Meta Watch Frame

Meta Watch is a smart watch created using the widget technology. It is a framed model specially designed for android and iphones.

I’m Watch smartwatch review

Can you imagine a watch that can do anything you want? Can you imagine something which is a watch as well as

Pebble Watch smartwatch review

Pebble Watch is a product from the Pebble technology corporation. It was released in the year 2013. The major funds in its

Moto 360

The new trend of smart watches is taking over the gadget market slowly and gradually. The customer market is developing gradually and

LG G WATCH R smartwatch review

LG has finally launched a much awaited smart watch. It’s a fashion statement watch for the trendy watch lovers. This time LG

Asus Zen Watch smartwatch review

 Zen Watch is also named as the WI500Q. It’s the first smart watch launched by the Asus Company, competing other major smart