Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Who doesn’t know about Dell? It’s a brand which recalls quality and strength in your mind instantly. The Dell laptop is its renowned product, which governs its revenues cycle. The inspiration series leads the laptop category for Dell. The inspiron series is cheaper than the other sub laptop brands Dell has. The Dell inspiron 15 7000 series is the top of the line when it comes to quality. It has an aluminum body, which gives it an elite look. The other plastic options in Dell are cheaper but they also stay low in quality.

The metallic bodies such as of inspiron 7000 look more of the premium laptops, for the better class of the society. The specifications for this laptop are amazing. Despite the strong aluminum body, it Dell Inspiron 7000 reviewhas a sensitive high definition touch screen. The processor embedded is the high speed Core i7. The graphics are beautiful. The Nvidia graphic card is installed, which the gamers would love. The RAM also supports the fast processes for everyday and specialized use. These catchy features are attractive but they also increase the price tag for this device. This device will range you till $1149 approximately from all online stores and other retailers.

On the Dell’s own website, this price may jump up to $1238. This increase in price is also accompanied with a slightly better interview. The first glance of this device will give you a sporty look. It is truly one of those mainstream beautiful laptops that you have always dreamt of buying. The thickness of the aluminum makes it stronger to hold and easier to carry. The design is shined by the Dell logo at the centre. The screen size is 15.6”, which is a standard size for normal house and office usage.

Dell is known to manufacture strong hinges as compared to other brands like HP and Acer. This laptop has smooth hinges which will last you longer if you use it politely. The rotation of the screen is also very calm as compared to other dell laptops. The sleek laptop has rounded edges which look amazing. The size of the track pad is 4.1 x 3.1-inch (104 x 78 mm), which is very spacious to work on. The typing and track pad operations are very comfortable to operate due to the spacious positioning. The power button is conveniently located on the top right corner of the laptop.

The dimensions of 9 x 10.0 x 0.8 inches (W x D x H; 37.8 x 25.4 x 2.03 cm) and the weight of 5.7 pounds (2.6 kg) make it a heavy working machine. People who do not like heavy laptops should not buy this one. You can get a hard drive of up to 1 Tera byte in this version. The Inspiron 7000 comes in 3 models. The most updated one is the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 line. This is the most expensive and the latest one available up till now, having a machine of 2GHz Core i7-4510U processor installed within.