Dell XPS 13 (2015)

It is not easy to create new and unique laptop designs these days. The reason behind is that there is not much room to put in your innovation into a limited sized machine. Dell takes the initiative and comes up with a sleek design, after a long wait. They call is a ‘virtually borderless’ machine. It means it has an extended display screen but the shrunk borders are still there. This 13.3 inch screen laptop is far more advanced than its contemporaries having the same screen size.

Dell XPS 13 laptop reviewThe thin bezel display is not the last of its features. The unique laptop has the honor of coming with the Intel’s new 5th generation core i-series CPU. Yes this is the first one in its category having a code name of Broad well. The starting price for the XPS 13 is $799 in US. With better specifications it goes till $1399. This laptop has buying attraction for the mid price ranged buyers. The recent Intel processor performed well in the start but hasn’t impressed lately with its battery timings and speeding options.

The Dell XPS 13 is considered, by many, as the Mac Book Air redesign. Having a small body with a big screen, makes it a new addition to the series of sleek designed laptops. The 3200 * 1800 screen resolution is another stunning feature for this laptop. The Dell XPS 15 is a touch screen laptop. The CPU machine embedded is the 2.2GHz Intel Core i5-5200U. The company has given the internal memory of 8 GB to this device with a DDR3 SDRAM working at 166 MHz. The graphic card of 3839 MB is installed, which is shared.

To be more precise, the model number is Intel HD Graphics 5500. The hard drive storage is 256 GB. This laptop does not have an optical drive. It is too small to have one. The windows 8.1 operating system is provided, plus for networking purposes 802.11ac wireless facility is also available.

Physically, the Dell XPS 13 is not much different from its predecessors. It has so much resemblance with the Mac book air that people jokingly call it the DellBook Air. The compact design in the keypad area is pretty much the same in both Dell XPS 13 and Mac book air. The screen size in the Mac book was 11 inches. The XPS body is made up of aluminum matte. The laptop comes in black color. The high end Dell laptops have a touch pad similar to the XPS 13. This laptop is smaller in size from your expectations. The short bordered, edge to edge design is the best portrayed uniqueness of this device.

Making a conclusive statement, we can say that this laptop will attract the young buyers, who want something similar to the apples Mac book. It is 2 inches wider than the Mac Book and has similar specifications of that of Mac book. The design is sleek and edgy and comes under the modern category of laptop designs. The price is also reasonable for customers looking for the provided details.