Google nexus 9

Google has really amazed everyone with its Nexus series in the last few years. Every year the elegant devices of the Nexus series are catching the attraction of the critics in a positive way. Google Nexus 9 is one such example, which has impressed the masses. As promised, Google Nexus 9 has come with a drastic change in design and technology. The design of Nexus 9 is the continuation of the left over design of the predecessor.

Nexus 9 has a high resolution, including a much sleeker design. The Google nexus 9 tablets reviewskinny Nexus 9 is more attractive than the older tabs from Google. The hand holding convenience is on top of the list for this device. $499 for this classic tablet really seems worth it. We can say that the basic theme of Google Nexus 9 resembles a little to the Asus manufactured Nexus 7.

A Nexus logo is placed at the back of the tablet. The structure includes round edges and a solid body made up of shear metal. With a thickness of merely 8 mm and a weight of 436 grams, Nexus 9 represents a handsome personality in the gadget family. Google Nexus 9 might be better than the lot but in terms of body strength it is not comparable to the Apple’s iPad Air 2.

Nexus 9 has an 8.9 inch screen and plays an important role in the popularity of this tablet. A tremendous resolution of 2048 * 1536, along with a ppi of 288, enhances the name of this tablet in terms of picture display quality. Nexus 9 is amazing when it comes to internet browsing, reading textual information or even listening to music. The sound system is supported with the BoomSound speakers, which will amplify your music at a supreme quality. Another reason why you would buy the Nexus 9 is due to its lollipop operating system platform.

This is the latest Google Android platform launched up till now. Nexus 9 has the honor of running this most recent platform development from Google. The sharp colors of the lollipop operating system look simply brilliant on the black Nexus 9. A few common apps are already present on the Tablet, such as the calendar, alarm, voice recorder etc. A large number of other apps can be easily downloaded from the Google store any time.

Now let’s discuss the technical specifications of this dynamite gadget. A NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 CPU of 2.3 GHz, with a RAM of 2 GB makes this tablet awesomely speedy. You have two options in the internal memory while buying. You can either get a 16 GB or 32 GB. A dual band Wi-fi facility, along with the basic Bluetooth and NFC features is also present.

This stylish tab has an amazing multimedia worth. You would simply love it. The 6700 mAh battery supports long usage hours. The front camera of 1.6 MP and the back one of 8 MP will make your day colorful. The result of the camera is really appreciated by the critics too. Overall, you will not feel like wasting your money after getting the Google Nexus 9.