HTC M8 for windows

HTC M8 for windows reviewHTC have always been a mark of perfection and excellence in the market. After a great success of android HTC one M8, it launches the same HTC one M8 but with a windows 8 OS.

HTC brought this android Smartphone to windows, with same quality of efficient specs. Nokia Lumia series had already dominated the market with its brilliant window software.

The M8 window was announced to be released in august but its sales started in November 2014. This phone is moderate in weighing respects with 160gm in total.

The M8 equips a nano sim which is quite a trend in smart phones nowadays. The Super LCD3 capacitive touch screen and 16M color makes M8 a competitive option as we see other brands such as Samsung, Apple, and Sony Ericson too.

The large 5 inch LCD magnifies the image. It also has 441 ppi pixels density, which is quite remarkable with extremely sharp picture quality. The multi touch facility is also available. The use of 801 snapdragon and Quad-core 2.3 GHz with KitKat 4.0 software, the M8 windows becomes a classy product. This makes the applications to run more swiftly and flawlessly.

This is relatively fast and consistent as compared to other HTC smart phones. The android M8 shares many similar specs but have completely different operating systems. The window lovers could fully take advantage of all new HTC M8 windows as it offers such distinctive features.

When it comes to phone storage, M8 windows maximizes the benefit of the user. It offers memory storage up to 32 GB which is more than enough. This is a complete treat to all the buyers as more songs, images and applications can be shared.

Cameras are also a significant feature of every Smartphone. And in this respect, the HTC M8 windows supports a dual 4 MP camera with autofocus and a 5 MP secondary camera. This is quite comparable. The battery life of M8 window is almost similar to that of android HTC M8 one. It has a non-removable battery of 2600 MHZ. The M8 windows is available for 600$. This is not much affordable for everyone yet attracts a high class of purchasers.

The hardware of HTC M8 is unique and attractive as always. It has metallic body which forms firm grip of the phone. The hold gives you a smooth silky touch in feel. This makes it a delicate machine to use. The powerful stereo speakers make its display a bit edgy. Much more improved sound quality is experienced in respect to previous HTC products.

Additional functions and accessibilities such as finger print scanner, which makes it a trendy phone. A satisfying brightness and rich colors widens its visual range. With time, HTC M8 series have gained influence in the market.

The sale stats also proved out to be a great charge to the brand. The HTC M8 windows, through its excellent features, has countered the equity of other well-known brands. As a conclusion, the HTC M8 windows stands fully on the standard of a well-crafted and classy Smartphone.

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