HTC one M7

It’s been 18 months since HTC one was launched. The Smartphone world has changed also since then. Even though this set has received credibility in the current market due to its amazing features. Many users believe that they are not happy with the performance and camera quality of a few expensive sets these days.

I would recommend HTC one M7 set to all those who think this way. It had amazing display, performance, camera results and moreover the battery life was outstanding.  The m7 marked a great innovation in the year it was launched. Not many phones after the launch of M7 have crossed its innovation a great deal.

We know that this year, phones such as iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5, have surprised the audiences with water proof and fingerprint lock facilities, even though they cannot offer something way different from what M7 offered. M7 is a high end smart phone with absolute zippy performance. It has a big spacious screen which is highly appreciated by the masses.

The screen size to be more precise is 4.7 inches. The display resolution of HTC M7 is 1080 pixels.HTC one M7 phone review This makes the colors and images come out superbly. Now let’s talk about the battery life of HTC M7. We can say if it is not better than the contemporary then it is not less in any way. You can easily compare its battery life with any other contemporary phone of the same price range.

The latest Android and HTC Sense software have added much value to this delicate product. Now let us discuss the design of the HTC M7. Even after 18 months the design cannot be said to be old fashioned. These kinds of designs are everlasting. The quality of the M7 hardware is very premium. Even today we do not find it’s replicable.

HTC M7 quality is somewhere close to Apple products which are known for its supreme quality. The happy news about customers today is that in the current market, you guys will find this product at a very cheap price.

The price downfall is due to the 18th month’s launch difference. At Craigslist or eBay, you can easily find HTC one M7 close to $300. The model might be old to you, but we are guaranteeing that it has all the latest features of the 2014 Smartphone.

When compared to the new M8 we can say that in M7 there was 70% metal used and in M8, 90%. The HTC class can be seen in both of these mobile sets. The new version is slightly thicker, which makes is a lit bit heavier than the HTC M7. HTC’s M7 has a camera of 4.0 mega pixels which is companies standard. The front camera is 2.1 mega pixels.

Even though the mega pixels may look lesser as compared to the contemporaries, still the results are not that bad.  The camera has the power to capture a video clip of 1080p at 30fps, which is not bad from any angle.

See here the tutorial for HTC one M7.