I’m Watch smartwatch review

I’m Watch smartwatch reviewsCan you imagine a watch that can do anything you want? Can you imagine something which is a watch as well as a Smartphone?

Then here it is the I’m Watch. It is a product beyond your imagination. Whether you are in your office or you are jogging in the park, I’m Watch is your best companion.

It is a smart watch, which is reliable at both corporate and entertainment level. It will bring your office onto your wrist.

The Bluetooth technology is wisely used to bring your smart phone technology over your wrist.

You can access all your emails and communication sources on your I’m Watch. While working out, nothing can be your best music buddy except the ‘I’m Watch’.

You can also listen to music through headphones as well as to speaker phones. Now you can receive your calls and important text messages on your wrist and most importantly without having to think about your phone. You can look up your contact list on your watch and call any one direct from there. The organizer feature in the software will allow you to plan and organize your meetings, events and work routines.

With the I’m Watch you can receive you emails, no matter where ever you are located. Get the latest breaking news on the news feature over your watch. This will help you get in touch with the political and social happenings around you.

If you are leaving for your important tour / meeting, get the weather updates before leaving and prepare ahead of your safe journey. Social media will now be over your finger tips. You can receive notifications of all social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. over your watch with ease. Moreover the special gallery feature allows you to look at pictures over the watch’s screen. They can be saved and retrieved over to your watch within seconds. I’m Watch also allows the user to access all Google apps from the Google apps store.

The I’m Market feature allows you to add other additional apps and features that specific users want to get customized with. There is a multitasking ability over the watch which allows you to run more than one app at a time. There is an amazing introductory feature for all customers. The I’m Watch users can send direct messages to other I’m Watch users from their watch.

For more customized convenience, the user can get different forms of skins and colors of this watch. The price of the watch is $379 but it is completely worth it to spend this much when we make a comparative analysis with its features.

The Android OS 2.1 is embedded inside it. The 1.54 inch screen with 240*240 pixel resolution really makes you feel glad. A battery of 450mAh takes the watch through many days. You will not be tensed to charge it on daily basis. The weight of the I’m Watch is merely 2.9 ounces. This weight will feel negligible on your wrist. The fast processor installed inside will ensure that all your processes are executed with optimum efficiency.