iphone 6 plus features and specifications

iphone 6 plus featuresiphone 6 plus features and specifications

To say that Apple’s doing things differently would be understatement. It is doing a miracle in the technological development. The company has introduced two high end phones at the same time both with a complete redesign and a much more features. The devices are part of the iPhone series and were unveiled on September 9, 2014. It is the predecessor of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

The phone features include a number of changes over its predecessor including models with larger 4.7 and 5.5 inches display , a faster processor , upgraded cameras, improved LTE and WIFI connectivity and support for a near field communications based mobile payments.

This product is market by the Apple Inc. it has taken Apple a while but finally it got there. In typically Cupertino fashion it’s entered the phablet arena with almighty splash. The iPhone 6 Plus is really just a super-sized iPhone 6, that displays all Apple trademarks. Great screen, superb quality fit and finish and one of the best point and click cameras you can find on a phone. Unlike other iPhones it also has an excellent stamina.

Yes it has a lot of top features and it doesn’t take very long to get used to it. Lets have a look at its unique features;

Design – iphone 6 plus features and specifications

This is the immediate thing most people wonder about before picking up , what does it feel in the hand?. The Apple has tried to come up with a design that is more fashionable to keep up in the market trend. Well with Apple iPhone 6 Plus is the thinnest and sleekest in the market. It has borrowed bucket loads of design language from the iPad Air. It is 7.1mm thickness with glass and aluminum back that merge seamlessly together. The iPhone 6 Plus feels great in your hand. You will happily hold it for hours and that perfect screen for browsing the internet or watching movies on the hoof.

Display – iphone 6 plus features and specifications

The most significant changes that the iPhone 6 plus has made is on display. It has an ion-strengthened branded as Retina HD Display. It has a display of 5.5 inches in size with 401 PPI. The display use a domain LCD panel .Color;you can pick up the iPhone 6 plus in Space Gray or the more standard silver or gold.

The camera protrudes slightly on the rear of the phone. It has been updated with a new sensor with an optical image stabilization. Trust this 1.5 micron pixels since it has the ability to shoot 1080p video at either 30 or 60 frames per second. It can also record a slow-motion video at either 120 or 240 frames per second.

Software – iphone 6 plus features and specifications

The device has been upgraded with the iOS. This feature has greatly improved information display on the screen. There is a struggle on one hand use but Apple has though of this issue and added a feature to the iPhone 6 plus that brings the top of the screen closer to your thumb. Tap the home button twice and the active area of the screen drops, giving access to the icons, address and search bars. Still it’s an elegant solution that makes using the iPhone 6 Plus much easier day to day.

The other big applause on the phone is the power button which has been moved to the right hand side. This makes a lot of sense in mind with size of the device which is 138.1 x 67×7.1. The power key is raised and easy to hit in both left and right modes.

Everything has a shortcoming iPhone 6 plus has had a fair deal on this. Critics have it on the 6 plus camera where by the optical image stabilization system affects accessories that use magnets. However this problem has been handled, but this issue basically does not affect actually affect the camera itself.

Finally we need to address the issue that has gone viral – the bendable iPhone. Apple has responded by claiming that there have only been nine cases so far and we believe it. This is a story that totally seems unfounded base we have been in use of dozen of iPhones. Put a load of pressure on any phone and it will bend or break, this isn’t an you should worry about at all. Grab one and have a real time experience.