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 iphone 6 plus review

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The iPhone 6 plus is Apple’s answer to the numerous calls for a bigger screen. Most of their competitors have already enjoyed success in the phablet market and now this is Apple’s first excursion into this world of phones with bigger screens. When it comes to design, it is really more like a bigger iPhone 6. Most of the features are the same and in the same position, only that you have a bigger screen and will have to spend more to own one. It did get a price cut but still remains a pricey phone in comparison to the other 5.5 inch screens you will find on the market. So what is it that one can expect from an iPhone 6 plus? Here are some of the features to look out for.

Features – iphone 6 plus review

5.5-inch screen: The screen is the most outstanding feature, it is the first thing you will notice even before you turn it on. Well, a bigger screen naturally opens up more opportunities for the user. For the gaming fans, that is a greater opportunity to enjoy the gaming experience even more, more space also means typing is much easier and there is more work room so you can ditch your tablet and use the iPhone 6 plus to do a lot of the stuff you would do on a tablet and at the same time enjoy the phone function.

HD Quality: the screen is not just wide, it is also equipped with impressive HD quality. This phone boasts of Full HD 1920 by 1080 display which is better than what you would get even from the iPhone 6. This means movies are going to look much better on this screen and so are the pictures. It is like the entire visual experience on this screen is pretty impressive.

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One hand usability: Most large phone users find a problem trying to use one hand to reach icons that may be beyond thumb reach and if you do not have long fingers you just have to use two hands. Well Apple solve this on the iphone 6 plus by installing a really cool feature, all you do is tap the home key twice and the top will jump down bringing the icons at the top to the middle, and within reach of your thumb. This is innovation that solves a really big problem many people have been having. However is may still prove to be a challenge typing with one hand as the letters at the far end may still be too far for people with short fingers.

Camera: We have always known the iphone to have a really impressive camera and it is no exception for the 6 plus. This camera comes with optical image stabilisation (OIS) this enables you to take nice clear pictures even when the lighting is not that good. The camera is also equipped with 8 megapixels nad has autofocus so that you can take pictures much faster and they will still come out looking good. The camera also has tap to focus function, auto image stabilisation and auto HDR, among many other impressive features. This is one of the best camera phones you can find.

Battery Life: Apple have created an impressive battery that can stand 24 hours talk time and 16 days on standby. When using internet, the battery will last 12 hours and 14 hours of video playback. In comparison to a number of other phablets, this one has one of the best battery life, which is very convenient and allows the user to get much more done before they have to recharge it.

iphone 6 plus review – Pros

Basing on users comments and reviews, these are the pros of the iPhone 6 plus:

– Wider screen giving you the ability to do more

– Impressive battery life

– Great camera

– Slim design

– Keyboard is easier to use even when you have fat fingers

– Fast and responsive operating system

iphone 6 plus review – Cons

– This phone is very pricey

– The size is not convenient to carry in the pocket

– You have to hit the home key to exit an app

Overall, this phone is quite impressive, if you have a lot to do on your phone then you will find that it provides ample space on the screen and the HD quality display is great for entertainment. You can watch videos in HD and play games and get the best experience doing it. If you have the money to spend on an iPhone 6 plus, it is well worth it.