Kogan Agora 4G

Kogan Agora 4G cellphone

Kogan Agora 4G is a respectable Smartphone brand launched in 2006. It’s Agora 4G is respectable member of its Smartphone family. The phone has an elegant style of class. Even though it looks more than it costs, it comes with a tag of $229. The Australian brand Kogan this time around merges with Benq to produce the Agora 4G. This branding opportunity has helped Kogan more than it helped Benq. The hardware is so stunning that no one would believe that this phone costs only $229. The diagonal screen length of 5 means it is comparable to the Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the superstars like HTC M8. The best part is that we get all this in a way cheaper price. The Kogan Agora 4G has resemblance to the quad core Agora Kogan which was released a year before this one. But this set is more advanced as it can work the latest LTE network technology. A display resolution of 1280 x 720 with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor makes it a smart choice. The new Kogan Agora 4G comes with the latest version of the Android platform, namely the 4.4.2 kit kat. This gives you a chance to enjoy Google features more than anything. Here is improved amount of cloud experience with the processor helping in smooth screen transitions.

The 2520 mAh lithium battery provides a solid support to this set. A full day usage is guaranteed even with maximum apps running at the same time. The design is stylish and feels good holding it. The finishing of the product quality is really great. Its style finish can be compared to that of Xperia Z2 and HTC M8, again the market leaders. The body is made of a plastic kind of rubber material which gives a firm grip and the set does not slip. Front camera comprises of a 2 mega pixel lens. The speakers are not of revolutionary quality. It is reported that the sound quality is just satisfactory.

The power button is placed on the top part of the mobile. There is a Micro USB port where you can charge the phone as well as use it as a USB device. The volume keys are at the right hand side of the set. The primary camera is amazingly 8 mega pixels. The lens is outlined with a beautiful metal ring shape. The initial test of the first 2 days done by the company deduced that the performance was impressive. The user would get a snappy feeling about this phone. The chrome and other applications are operated at an amazing fast processing speed. The pictures are taken smoothly and can be flipped without any hurdle or hand-on. The camera results are also acceptable at this price tag when though it’s not something out of this world. Te pictures can be focused and clear up the blurred factors mostly. The screen colors do need a little bit of improvement. It cannot be compared with the top leaders of the current market like Galaxy S5, M8 etc. The LTE test on this smart phone was remarkable. The speeds were tested and they were astonishingly quick. So this is something that is going to make the users feel comfortable.