LG G WATCH R smartwatch review

LG G WATCH R reviewLG has finally launched a much awaited smart watch. It’s a fashion statement watch for the trendy watch lovers. This time LG makes sure the style of their product looks nice on the wrist. The predecessor of this watch was the LG G Watch R. Its color was pain black and shape was a little edgy to start with.

The new G Watch R comes with a completely new design. The body of this new watch is made up of real leather. The leather part is joined with a round metallic body. The round shape is newer than the old watch and looks more beautiful than the predecessor. The look is extremely trendy and dedicated to the fashion lovers.

The watch is generating sound revenues for the company. The Android software version 4.3 looks extremely catchy over the new G Watch R. To be more precise, the  LG G Watch R connectivity works through Bluetooth. You can also get Google alerts on your G Watch R. The notifications are beautifully displayed on the lovely small screen. When you will search the LG G Watch R on the internet, you won’t find a specific price.

According to the reliable sources, the price is said to be $370 in US. This money is an investment and will surely prove profitable for you after you use the watch. Moto 360 is the leading competitor to the G Watch R. Despite being honored as the first smart watch, Moto 360 doesn’t actually look like a watch. G Watch R has this advantage of being designed as an actual watch. The glass is embedded naturally into the body of the watch and the chips are set inside it. The home button is fixed at the side of the watch.

The good part about this smart watch is its strap changeability. You can customize your strap by choosing a design of your own. You will eventually have many options available in the market. The G Watch R manufacturing was based upon the fashion plus technology formulae.

The Aesthetics were taken into consideration very deeply. After using this device you will say it out loud, that this is the best smart watch available right now. The G Watch R is not as slim as the Asus Zen watch and certainly not as square-ish as the Moto 360. The blackish color of the LG G Watch R also gives a professional tone to the watch.

It also has a heart rate sensor embedded behind the back of the watch. Its reading quality is same as the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear live. The G Watch R is a water proof device. You can give voice commands over it using the microphone positioned inside the watch. Unfortunately you cannot listen to calls through the watch.

The technology hasn’t succeeded to this level yet. The screen size of this watch is 1.3 inches and the resolution is up to 320*320 pixels. The display is also of good quality and you will love the color resolution as well. Over all this watch will give you a smart usage.