LG G2 reviewsLG has introduced its high- end Android smart phone that comes with its cutting edge hardware, precision software and innovative features, that makes this mobile a class of its own. The specifications of the phone are top-of –the-line that includes a large display using LCD technology and fast engine to meet your requirements. The performance of this set ranks among the best handsets in its segment of smart phones available in the market today.

The design of the phone looks unusual for its volume and power buttons that are placed on the back of the phone. The fast mobile data support, quad core processor, high resolution display, high pixel density screen and lots of RAM support make this Smartphone unique and owing it a prestige among peers.

The LG G2 is light weight; slim and fast duly supported by Android 4G LTE that comes with the latest innovations to provide you with unique mobile experience which no other set in this segment can offer on date. The LG G2 smart phone has a 13 MP Optical image stabilization camera and huge HD display 5.2” and a full HD, ergonomic rear button, a 2.26 GHz quad –core processor with long lasting battery. This enables the set to give its super fast performance and a seamless user experience. This is the first Smartphone of LG in the premium segment of G series which is convenient, functional, comfortable and beautiful designed and powered by a speedy 2.26 HGz quad-core processor.

The LG G2 has 4G LTE that allows you to use multiple apps at the same time, web browsing or play video games tirelessly. The 5.2 inch Full HD display is the largest display designed for a single handed operation.

The design is advanced and as buttons are placed on the back of the phone, it helps you to have more control with your index fingers. You can capture sharp pictures and lively videos with its 13 megapixel rear camera which has Optical Image Stabilization technology and full HD 1080p video recording. The set comes with a 32 GB of internal storage and you can have talk time of 18.2 hours.

You will have a unique viewing experience in the 5.2” Full HD display. It has sharp 423 pixels per inch resolution showing all the details and rich colors have a view similar to a cinema. LG has used innovative dual routing technology and has reduced the bezel to 2.65mm on side edge. It also uses Graphic RAM technology that reduces the display energy use by 26 percent.

You can enjoy an immersive viewing experience that fits perfectly in your hand with G2’s 5.2-inch Full HD in-plane switching display. It shows off every detail with its 423 pixels per inch with its sharp resolution.. Its IPS display gives you bright whites and rich colors with a presentation like a 16:9 cinema. You will have an expansive viewing experience. The sets bezel on the side edge is reduced to 2.65mm due to application of the innovative Dual routing technology.