Meta Watch Frame

Meta watch Frame smartwatch reviewMeta Watch is a smart watch created using the widget technology. It is a framed model specially designed for android and iphones. If you have an Android phone today and an iphone tomorrow, this watch is going to be compatible with both.

This feature is useful for people who change their smart phone a lot. Your phones will change but your Meta Watch will remain the same. The smart phones are connected to this smart watch through the Bluetooth technology. It takes about 2 seconds to connect your Meta Watch to your smart phone.

The watch will allow us to see, who is calling and texting us on our mobile phone. It also notifies us about the emails we receive on our smart phones. It also shows us to enjoy the social media interaction. Platforms for example twitter and Facebook and best displayed over this small but explicably sharp smart watch.

Stock prices, sports news and other current affairs news features are also available over the Meta Watch. It can also actually control your music directly from the watch and you can also watch the weather updates at ease. The technology used in Meta Watch is a reflective technology, so the battery lasts longer. There is a light button on the top left. The other button is to control the music.

The bottom left button tells you about your connections or contact lists. The widget technology in this watch allows you to import miscellaneous apps features from your smart phone into your watch. The Meta Watch mobile application can be downloaded from the Google/Apple app store easily. That app controls all the call and text forwarding operations and acts as the bridge between your watch and phone.

Furthermore the Bluetooth turn On/Off and backlight switching buttons are present over the top of the Watch. The background can be set to black or white. The stopwatch option is also present on top. If you desire to see the time with the ‘seconds’ precision, this can be done as well. The Meta Watch is charged through clip attached to it using the USB cable. The company claims that the charging if this watch will last from 5-7 days. The accelerometer sensor is also present in the Watch.

This watch is water resistant up to 3 atmospheres of pressure. This is approximately 90 feet. The Meta Watch can be described as a thick, solid and very well engineered product. Its look can be called more of a professional type than sporty. The widget, removing and switching is done is done in seconds.

The company has promised to add-on more widgets options in the near future, which will be a plus to the users. In the accessory box you will find a USB cable, the charging clip and the instruction manual. Overall, this 11 ounce watch is pretty much lighter than other competitors.

You can get this watch from many different dealers from a price ranging from $129 to $199. This is less than other smart watches.