Moto 360

Moto 360 smartwatch reviewThe new trend of smart watches is taking over the gadget market slowly and gradually. The customer market is developing gradually and has a good scope in the near future. The top notch technology companies are trying to cater this ever growing smart watch market. Motorola has been one of the companies who have taken the first mover advantage in this category. Yes we are talking about the Moto 360 smart watch.

It was the first ever smart watch released in 2014. The shape was pretty round and it was powered by the Google Android platform. This watch laid the foundation of the first technology in the wrist-tech category. The price of the Moto 360 is $250. It may be a little more than the competitors like LG G Watch R and the Samsung gear Live, but that’s worth it, since it is the first watch in the category.

Many critical users do not find the Moto 360, a worth it ultimate smart watch. It might be distinctive and has a nice strap design but the battery timing is not impressive. More over the notification style is not easy to access. The voice commands are easier to give in this watch. No one can doubt about the coolness of the watch. But the reality is that it may not be your dream watch. The watch construction is amazing but the software implementation is not up to the mark.

The Moto 360 body is made up of stainless steel. The strap is constructed with the Chicago leather. Motorola has introduced this watch in two exciting colors, unlike the LG G Watch R. The two colors are black and the natural steel color. The body of this watch is thicker than its strap.

The display is of a round shape and has a reasonably large size. The design is clean and the finishing of the product is splendid. Motorola has done well to keep the weight light for its first watch. There is a home button placed at the side of the watch. This helps the user to put the watch on sleep or to directly go to the menu bar.

The back side of the watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor which will sense your heart beat to perfection. A contact free wireless charging facility is also available. The audience has given a mixed response to this watch. Some feel that this 1.56 inches smart watch should have had other additional impressive features.

The screen resolution extends up till 320*290, which is less than the LG G Watch R. The gorilla glass cover screen has a pixel density of 205 ppi which is amazing for its size. The differentiating feature of this smart watch is its wireless charging as well as the improved noise cancelling installed technology. You can find the other features in the rest of the smart watches as well. The increased competition in the upcoming days will allow companies to develop new features into the gadgets. In the end the consumer will be benefited.