Motorola droid turbo

The best part about Motorola Droid turbo is its hands free voice controls. This gives the ease of changing volume from the hands free wire and not only from the volume buttons located on the phone. Battery can be said as the most special thing present in the Motorola turbo.

It’s a long battery life phone and supercharges the set immensely. The screen resolution is pretty much high and the colors and the images appear very delightful over it. The crispy element is present in the resolution, which makes the phone stand out.

The lively and quick camera is an asset this phone as well. When we look at the weak points of the phone, we realize that there is a sharp point at the bottom of the phone. This point makes it motorola droid turbo reviewdifficult to hold the phone.

Many critics believe that the black shiny color is a cheap selection for many customers. The weight of the turbo is heavier than its competitors and it also gets heat up if we switch its musical and calling functions for a larger period of time.

The heavily built design of Motorola turbo has a robust battery. The speed is not at all bad. The company has put a powerful Quad core processor in the set to maintain its speedy look.

The bright and dramatic display of the Motorola turbo has taken it to the list of the most demanded phones of 2014. The customer has to decide that is a good battery in the phone enough to let him/her make a purchase order.

Every customer has his/her own mindset and rule book of purchasing a mobile set. Some people can get carried away with its 1440p HD display. Some may like the dynamic Moto software. The photo maniacs will be over excited by its 21 mega pixel camera.

It is equipped with 2 LED flashes as well. Still it lacks with the rotating camera option. Many customers feedback have been saying that the phone’s screen is smaller as compared to its other features. It needed to be wider and longer. 5.2 Inch screen seems less to hold the features it offers. The Motorola turbo has not impressed the masses with its design and physical outlook. This is

motorola droid turbo specification

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something very important when it comes to young buyers. Many have complained that when they clean the body, dust stuck on the rough surface at the back.

The set is found in two colors, red and black. The color selection has also not gotten a good response from the market. The pixel density of 565ppi much higher than the competitors and again, it is the strength of the screen resolution.

The turbo supports android Kitkat 4.4.4 version, which is also upgradable for the further versions to come from Android, Motorola also supports add-on features from Google.

Almost all other apps are easily playable on Motorola turbo. You can get a Droid turbo on contract, easily starting from $200 on Verizon. Its actual price is $600.

Access this link to see the tutorial for Motorola droid turbo.