Nokia Lumia 730

Do you know why Nokia has been the market leader since so many years? The simple answer to this question is ‘Quality’. This phone is launched in comparison to the Samsung Selfie phone. Both of them have good front cameras. This mobile also gives competition to the Nokia Xperia C3. The price written on the box is nearly $265. This price is very decent as per the price. It has a uni-body look which mesmerizes you. The weight is light and seems a delight in your hand. The material used and the built-technology is great as usual. This phone takes a Micro SIM card unlike the Nokia Lumia 830. It also takes 2 SIM cards simultaneously. A 2200 mAh battery is great to support it since windows phones like this do not demand that much power. You will get at least a 2 days backup. There is a basic headphone available and well. This is the same headphone available with other Lumia handsets. The clarity of the headphone is good but the base and the loudness is very low. Now let’s come over to the display characteristics of this phone. A display of 4.7 inches is great as compared to other contemporaries. A pixel density of 316 ppi brightens the result. The navigation keys are on screen so there is no button for that. On the top front there is a speaker grill and a front facing remarkable 5 mega pixel camera. This is by far the most astounding feature of the Lumia 730. The rear camera takes pictures up to Nokia Lumia 730 smartphone reviews6.7 mega pixels. There is the Carl Zeiss technology embedded in the lenses. An LED flash is also present at the back side of the set and a noise cancellation grill on the bottom of the back screen. The edges are perfectly rounded and there is nothing on the left hand side of the phone. On the right hand side there are the volume keys a well as the screen lock button. The keys are very smooth and easy to press as expected from Nokia. Unfortunately there is no camera shutter key on the Nokia Lumia 730. The Micro USB port is placed at the bottom and at the top you get the headphone port. All in all the aesthetic value of Lumia devices are always appreciated by the critics. There is almost no flaw in design of the Lumia 730. The mat finish is superb. The user also gets three color choices to choose from. The front screen also protected from the corning gorilla glass 3. The phone also supports NFC. The display on Nokia Lumia 730 is highly saturated because of the OLED display feature. This is the best display one can find in this price category. The phone is perfect for one-hand handling. The platform installed is the windows 8.1. You can also turn on the display with a double tap. The performance is good and response rates are fast. This phone surely will impress the masses with its threshing features.