Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia always try hard to win over its customers and being a very traditional natured phone, it has introduced the Nokia Lumia 930 that has the latest window phone experience. As a result of this, the things matter you most like your Smartphone, pc or Xbox, they are always with you. The display of Nokia Lumia 930 has a fantastic visibility even outdoor and throws in an awesome color-mode adjustments. Live tiles that are exclusive, will keep you with the pace of things happening around you and in the world. Added to these, new features like customizable background images for home screens make your phone much more personal then before. The handset is chunky and comfortable to have grip on the chassis and is a solid piece of unibody craftsmanship.

Nokia Lumia 930 cellphone reviewThe Nokia Lumia 930 – an environmental friendly, as it is free of PVC, Contains recycled materials and free of nickel on the product. It is also energy efficient as the phone has an automatic adjustment for screen brightness, feature of battery saver and efficient charger Windows 8.1. It functions better than iOS and android when accessing social media integration and user interface and you will have overall fun to use the handset. The set has a bigger display of 5 inches, display is high-resolution and is about 1080 x 1920 in pixels.

There are a variety of modes for display like cool, advanced and vivid enabling you to choose color temperatures and good sliders till you have a satisfactory result. Saturation of color is easily adjustable from a natural to vivid mode and color temperature from warm to cold and you can use another slider to go from the color green to a beautiful color of purple. The set is having a high resolution camera of 20 mega pixels, functioning on a processor called Quad core-Snapdragon. It has a RAM (2048 MB RAM) and fast mobile data support, and with 32 GB memory (internal), you will just love to own the phone.

Nokia Lumia 930 comes with metallic elements on the side, supports wireless charging and captures outstanding sound due to advanced microphone supporting directional stereo recording. The set weighs about 167 g and feels solid with a rim made of aluminum and gives a premium look in your hand.

The achievement of curved edges (made of glass) are attributed to hundreds of robotic movements experienced by Nokia. Buttons of this phone are on right side of the phone and frequently used buttons like lock and power keys are placed in centre. The key for lock and volume rocker along with shutter button that is 2 stage camera. They are ergonomic, easy to feel and use. Nokia’s Clear Black layer on top of the display improves the reflectivity of the screen and performs well during outdoors. The set is covered by sculpted Gorilla glass3 that can withstand few scratches and bumps and has a super sensitive touch layer which facilitates operation even by wearing your gloves.