Nvidia Shield Tablet article review

Nvidia Shield Tablet reviewAmong many other devices introduced in the tablet category, NVidia Shield Tablet sets its goals and targets differently than the others. Although the tablets seems comparatively expensive than most of the tablets, it also has many advantages over the other. The target audience can be said to be the users who already own a high performance GPU desktops. The Tablet is high end than others because of its gaming enhanced specifications and display.

The NVidia Shield Tablet has novelty in terms of design as well as functionality which we will be discussing today. In the hardware department, NVidia has chosen more of a monochrome material which is different from the pitch black and green theme. Even though the direct competitor of NVidia Shield is Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, visually it seems closer to the HTC One. It holds four speakers at the top and bottom altogether to enhance the gaming experience.

The display of NVidia Tablet is blunt and it knows about it. The colors are sharp and bright to deliver a gaming experience like no other tablet. Internally, the NVidia Shield Tablet has installed its very own Tegra K1 processor which is undoubtedly fast enough to handle any kind of input. The tablet really feels good in the hand so carrying it around without slipping is a miss.

In the camera optics department, the NVidia Shield has opted to out a 5 megapixel as the rear camera with a sans autofocus technology. The internally memory may not be enough for many people so NVidia made it expandable. It has two variants, the Wi-Fi version and the version with GSM capabilities.

The connectors are what make it a gaming machine, introducing a micro HDMI port so games can be translated on a bigger display. At the matte finish back the logo is embedded with a landscape ‘Shield’ written on it. That pretty much all of it in the hardware department. One of the features for assistance is the Direct Stylus 2.0 which lies at the slit at the bottom right side of the device.

The Stylus has a lot of wizardry in many aspects of the NVidia Tablet which you will be amazed to see. You can draw and doodle without a stress-free way on the simulated paper provided in the software category. Other accessories include a controller which is definitely mouthwatering for all the gamers out there. It is connected to the tablet via Bluetooth and provides a proper console level gaming experience.

The NVidia Shield tablet runs on the Android 4.4.2 Android operating system and the overall design is much closer to the stock version with a little amendment made. The OS is integrated with Twitch Support which will stream your display to twitch in an instant. NVidia also hopes to launch its Shield Hub which will be named as the TegraZone which will provide assistance to users in the gaming category.

The NVidia Shield is a 2.2GHz quad core Cortex A15 processor which is claimed to be the world’s fastest mobile operating processor. The battery life is consistent and average in terms of its competitors and depends upon usage. To sum it all up, the NVidia Shield Tablet is a great addition to the tablet industry and provides a unique experience to deal with. This is hence a must buy according to consumer preference.