Note 3 Galaxy Samsung

Your search for owning a smarter, faster and longer smart phone ends when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Your interest to own such a phone will be kindled by just having a quick glance over Galaxy Note 3. The features are so tempting; no doubt, it has taken over the mantle as the world’s most powerful Smartphone. This Smartphone is fast and smooth, Samsung galaxy note 3 reviewhas full HD display, 4G and works on a Great battery. The goodness of this phone is that it has a massive screen, powerful quad-core processor and refined Pen skills. The camera is awesome and takes great pictures. The design of Samsung galaxy note 3 is sleeker than its predecessor Note 2 which is a streamlined S Pen interface. In all respects, this third generation note has the most significant upgrades like revamped S Pen features and S Note app’ lighter chassis and a huge processor that has no doubt attracted the attention of the mainstream customers. This phone is considered both as a Smartphone and a tablet.
Samsung has researched a lot and brought about refinement in the physical appearance of its Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 is elegant and looks sophisticated. The handset is thin and has a display screen of 5.7 inches, measures 6 x 3.1 x 0.33 inches, and weighs 5.9 ounces. The chassis is rectangular covered by flashy chrome ridged edges and you get a feel of leather with handset’s patterned leatherette back. The textured rear side resists finger prints and helps you have a grip on the set. This gives Samsung galaxy note 3 a distinctive look when compared with the slippery, plastic chassis of other sets.

The rear side accommodates a 13 megapixel camera lens and its LED flash. The Note’s stylus pen is accommodated in the bottom lip of the phone. The set has been provided with three tiny buttons for physical use. The tiny power key is on the right edge, volume control bar on the left side and large oval home button is placed below the screen of the set. Two captive keys for menu and back are positioned on either side of the set.
The front facing camera of 2 megapixels is for taking self portraits, video chats or you can amuse your children with your camera. A 3.5mm headphone jack for wired radio is housed on the top edge of the phone. One more combination of Micro-USB connector is provided at the bottom edge.

You may not notice the touch keys when the galaxy Note is idle as their backlights will be on display only when the handset is unlocked or when you tap on the area they are in the set. The keys are set to incredibly respond and you will not have any difficulty about getting your fingers right on the logo as the area of recognition is wide enough for picking your tabs. Samsung has moved way ahead in achieving its goal of making its implementation of Stylus pen becoming popular among its customers.