SGP technologies Black phone

If you want to stand out in the crowded smart phone space the best chance a mobile company has is to build a mobile for a niche market. SGP technologies have done just that. Keeping it mind the increasing problems of security of the current mobile market, they have build a modern smart phone focusing entirely on security. So here it is the ever awaited smart phone named as the black phone. The first thing you will notice about the black phone is that there is nothing much to notice about it. The dimension are 69mm*138mm*8.4 mm which fit in perfectly. The dimensions are rich and the weight is substantially light around 119 grams. The feeling on the hand is out of this world and the mat finish on this phone is barely with any kind of branding. It has a plain and decent back as well as the front. As the name assures, this phone comes in black and black color only. This is one of the brand identification aspects of the phone. Its IPS display doesn’t have the best of the resolutions or the best viewing angles for the users. It might be horrible for some but the processor embedded inside is simply gorgeous in its specifications. The Tegra 4i Quad core processor with 2GHz of speeding options is superb. There is a micro SD port on the phone too. An internal memory of 16 GB is placed inside which is remarkable and enough. This phone by no means can be said as under powered. An I GB RAM support is a strong push to all operational tasks performed over the cell phone. You won’t but the black phone for its hardware. You will buy it for its secured software, which comes in three security layers. The first layer is in the operating system. This OS may look like the android kitkat version but this is not at all a Google phone. The features might look very familiar but keep it mind that there are no Google services available n this phone. You can personalize your app down loadings. This is essential in a secure OS supporting phone. The black phone enforces the user to use intense security features such as pins and passwords. The second layer is from the silent circle which is embedded inside as well. It also comes with the membership package of this phone. This layer can prove you secure private voice connections. There is an Auto deletion facility in the messages as well as the option to completely fuse the screenshot feature. You voice codes are also verified to ensure maximum user security. There is a protected list of silent contacts which can be licked at any time. The whole system is governed with passwords covered with paraphrases and hints. The third layer of security comes from the third party apps. This layer fulfills the remaining gaps in the security. We can conclude that it will target a specific niche and attract a certain type of followers. It’s not for the entertainment lovers; Black phone is for those who want to feel secured from each and every operation of their mobile phone life.