Shield tablet nvidia review

is from a different category of tablets. The targets it wants to achieve are totally different from the others. Since the benefits and advantages it occupies, the price is relatively higher than the competitors too. The NVIDIA shield tablet is specifically targeting the heavy duty game lovers who already are in the process of using high performance GPU’s.

It’s considered to be a high end machine with superb display characteristics for gamer players. Talking about the bodily structure of this machine, it is made up of a monochrome material which nowhere close to like the pitch black colored green theme. The design is appealing in many ways. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is one of the core competitors of the NVIDIA shield tablet. When we talk about the visual characteristics, it reminds us of the HTC One. We know how much sound is important to gamers. As a result, it has fulfilled its need by adding on 4 speakers up and down of the tablet.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet review

This creates a huge difference when it comes to enhance the real time gaming experience. The display is strong and solid in all forms of execution. Sharpness of the screen and colors are a true essence to this tablet.

To play heavy games, NVIDIA shield opts for the Tegra K1 processor, which is in itself an authority to handle all heavy duty games. Not only as a gaming specialist, has NVIDIA shield tablet also have decent camera features. A 5 Mega pixels rear camera is terrific with an embedded autofocus technology. The user has the option to pick either a GSM or a Wi-Fi based tablet. The HDMI port on the tablet will enhance your display size if you require so.

A beautiful logo named as ‘Shield’ is printed on the back side of the tablet. The user is also provided with a Direct Stylus 2.0 feature. It will amaze the user with its wizardry features. The doodle option enables you to draw anything you want on a simulated soft-paper. A controller will also be given to you when you purchase this tablet. It really attracts the gamers and can be conveniently connect to the tablet using Bluetooth technology.

The Android 4.4.2 Android operating system is installed as the software support which really backs up the uniqueness of the tablet. This operating system is linked with the Twitch Support option as well. NVidia also plans to launch a useful Hub named as the ‘Shield Hub’ in the near future. Its official name would be TegraZone and it will help the gamers for gaming assistances.

The tablet is also loaded with a core processor Cortex A15  which works on the amazing frequency of 2.2 GHz. It can support all forms of bulky processes. The battery provided will not disturb the expectations of the users. It is consistent and will last longer than customer’s expectations. Overall the NVidia shield tablet is a useful addition to the tablet family with a unique approach altogether. The niche target market will surely love it.