Toshiba Mini NB-205

There is a rare chance for the manufacturers to produce a 10-Inch display that has the potential to stand in a highly technical yet competitive advantage. Despite being late for more than a year in the North American market, Toshiba Mini NB-205 has truly left the amateur category and opted to serve as the best.

Toshiba Mini NB-205 notebook reviewEven though Toshiba Mini has internals no better than an average notebook, it still is the favorite amongst many. It comes with a 1GB RAM and has a standard Intel Atom Processer with a handling system of Windows XP Home.

It is beautifully designed with a spacious keyboard and touchpad. The battery life corresponds a mere 9 hours, with a price no more than $399 which makes Toshiba Mini a highly competitive notebook.

All of the appealing features will be discussed in detail as we proceed further. Firstly, in the design category, Toshiba Mini has been ranked in with the ASUS and other notebooks that have been aesthetically manufactured.

The lid of the notebook is Sable Brown which is also available in other flavors like Royal Blue, Frost White and Posh Pink. The lid is adorned in with high lines lying horizontally which contribute in making it look stunning.

The bottom deck is finished in silver and it matches perfectly when considering the overall scheme. There is another variant of the model, costing of about $349. It comes in only Black Onyx with a fusion finish, apart from the raised horizontal lines. The overall dimension of the notebook is 10.4×7.6×1.3 inches which make it quite compact and easy to port. However, even if it may not be as thin as other high end models from ASUS, it is still easier to carry and has portability feature that not many notebooks of this size carry.

It only weighs 2.8 pounds, without the AC adaptor making it lighter to carry around. The screen has a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution which has an even amount of gloss over the LED backlit display. This is an average amount of resolution but still has much more appeal than others.

The bezels are an inch thick around the display. The ports installed are standard which means it has two USB ports with a Kensington Lock placed at the right and on the left you will find a VGA out along with audio jack and an Ethernet port. There is also a third USB port mounted on the left hand side of the notebook.

The Toshiba Mini NB-205 comes with a 160GB storage, which is 5400-rpm built in to Windows XP. Other internals may include a 1.66GHz Atom N280 processor which is pretty fast for its kind. The Wi-Fi provides adequate performance in some of the tests.

The 2GB RAM gives enough room to multitask without stress however heavy editing applications might find it hard to fit in and cannot be promised to deliver the results in full capacity. That’s all there is to define the Toshiba Mini NB-205 and judging by the price, it’s definitely worth a try.