Apple IPhone 5S

Apple has always been coming up with supreme quality mobile sets in the last few years. IPhone 5S was the best in the Smartphone category in the recent year. Its size has been on the controversial side, even though its remarkable success.

The standard Smartphone’s are revolving around the 5 inch mark, but it had 4 inches. But still iPhone is excellent in many ways. It has bright colors and is very responsive on touch. The processing is very fast as compared to its competitors.

There have not been many complaints regarding its processing speeds or sudden shut downs. IPhones 5S body is made up of shear Aluminum.

This metal has a smooth, tough sensation to it and it is solid and strong on the same side. Plus the body material, Aluminum, makes it a very light gadget. Not all people want a larger phone in their pockets.

There are customers who want their pockets to be light weight. For bigger screens companies having tablets. Customers who tend to prefer reliability; this is the phone for them. It is reliable in hardware, software and any kind of rough usage as well. The Apps run on the iPhone 5S very smoothly due to its smart processors.

The operating system iOS7 is a wonderful invention. This will compensate for any dislikes, if any, from the iPhone 5S. With the availability of Apple apps store, Apple mobile phones get a competitive advantage over other Apple IPhone 5S phone reviewphones in the same category.

IPhones camera quality is amazing. I must say that it is better than the lot and is very firm. It captures the detail so beautifully. The best part about it is that even in the worst of the conditions this camera works amazingly.

The LED flash is great for dark places and the video quality of 120 frames per second can take any one’s breath away. IPhone 5S is remarkable in taking slow shots and still photography. One of the most famous features about iphone5S is the touch ID system.

It scans your fingerprints and helps you lock and unlock your home button without entering the pin code. This gives the luxury of opening and closing the phone with convenience.

The battery, if not outstanding, is better than many. It would take 2 days for its battery to completely discharge. Apart from many advantages, there are many disadvantages for this phone too. We can start by this that iPhone 5S also does not have any customizable features.

You have to stay with what you are provided with. One might get bored with the same outlook of the software inside. Another problem is that if one wants to connect to the Wi-Fi in a quick manner, he/she can’t.  The control center is missing where this could have been done from. There is no Micro SD card located in the phone.

You can buy an additive storage card till 64GB but it will cost you a lot, approximately $80. Even though these little limitations, it is a phone worth buying.

Tutorial for Apple IPhone 5S can be seen here.