Samsung galaxy S4

Samsung galaxy S4 is a one year old mobile set. Samsung galaxy has already launched the next version of the series which is Galaxy S5.

The strength of S4’s market value can be known through the fact that even after the new model was launched, the sale for S4 did not stop.

You can get it around $500 from any good store. The reason for its continued popularity was its charming features as well as the software updates. Android 4.4 Kit Kat is easily upgradable on the Samsung galaxy S4.

Samsung galaxy S4’s dimensions, 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm, are not much of a difference with S3. Once you hold the phone in your hand you will find it different from its predecessor. Your eyes might get deceived but your hands wont. S4 is very convenient to hold and work on. When compared to the S5, it is much lighter and smaller.

The Samsung galaxy S4 screen size was increased to 5 inches from the S3 screen size. The HD display for Samsung galaxy S4 is easily comparable to the displays of LG G3 or Samsung’s Note 4. S4 do not have the tough and water resistant construction as the S5.

It’s more delicate and polite in nature. The screen resolution of S4 is same as that of Sony Xperia Z1 and HTC one sets. But the difference lies in the AMOLED HD feature of the S4. Moreover the Samsung galaxy S4 offers a flexible memory card slot and 4G technology.

You will find the Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and pretty much all connectivity tools of a good Smartphone in it. The powerful camera and dynamic media display makes the phone looks very attractive. The  Samsung galaxy S4 is a 130g phone in weight.

The faux metal is used in the construction of the body. It may be delicate and can get dented easily, so it is advised to keep the body safe. It gives a royal look to the set. The special black edition of

samsung galaxy s4 specifications

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Samsung galaxy S4 was also launched after a few months of the original product launch. Many critics say that Samsung galaxy S4 is not a complete turnaround of the model when compared with S3.

It still has the similar look and style. S4 includes a removable battery which would easily last you 2 days per single charge.

The button setting in Samsung galaxy S4 is almost the same as it was in the previous model.

Only the power button’s position is moved slightly towards the right hand side. The volume keys are a little up and might create little bit of discomfort for a few users. But we can say that all button’s are well positioned as always done by Samsung.

After this entire detailed look up, we can conclude that

Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 - Full phone specifications

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Samsung galaxy S4 is a worth buying set for a vast category of users. The young ones as well as the mature class will be interested in this set even now.

Why buying an expensive mobile phone when you have the option of getting the same features, amazing design, superb quality at a much cheaper price.

Tutorial for Samsung galaxy S4 can be seen here.